Continuing on from last month’s Covid-19 recovery post, below are a few more local businesses that are emerging from the Covid fog:

β€’ @wagon537 did amazingly well to continue serving their delicious cups of liquid gold over the past few months. Let them continue to put that pep back in your step – especially handy if you’re heading back to work after working from home!
β€’ Much like many local salons, Attitude Hairdressing was forced to close during the peak of Covid. They are now happily welcoming back customers!
β€’ @retrorespection offers some of the coolest, quirkiest gifts in the south west! The sign on their window warned us they would have to close in the event of a zombie apocalypse, and unfortunately Covid was close enough. But the doors are open again, and the lovely ladies are ready for business.
β€’ And if you’re on the hunt for a post iso wardrobe overhaul, @tareefashions remains open for all your fashion needs!

Support our local businesses!