Grant application process

  1. Complete your grant application. Create an account or log in to save your progress, and make sure you've filled it in completely before hitting the submit button. Use the budget worksheet template to complete your project's financial projections. Allow at least four months for your application to be assessed.
  2. Once your completed application is received, our staff will send you a referral form for you to forward to your members, friends and family.
  3. Our committee will assess your application against our sponsorship guidelines and make a recommendation. Applications with a significant number of referrals will be looked upon more favourably, as will applications with broad support. You will be notified when your application has been assessed, including any conditions to be imposed on funding.
  4. Go ahead and complete your project.
  5. Submit an acquittal form at the completion of the project. Make sure you take lots of photos!

Grant application
  • Primary contact
  • Your organisation's banking
  • Banking enquiry

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